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Star Marine is actively looking to expand our distributor channels by adding International Distributors. Become a Star Marine Distributor and enjoy the business opportunities and additional revenue generation that our comprehensive range of products and recognized brand delivers!

Take advantage of our distributor benefits:

Access to a very large selection of Marine Chemicals and products and brand recognition

Technical and sales support from our staff, dedicated to guide you in growing and expanding.

Generating high revenues through in-demand products in international markets

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    Most Star Marine products carry the IMO (International Maritime Organization) certification, which ensures overseas maritime safety.

    Get to know Star marine

    Star Marine is a global leader in marine chemicals. We produce and provide cleaning solutions and related products for the merchant marine industry. Our extensive range of products is perfectly suited to clean, maintain and ensure maximum performance of different ship types: cargo, cruise and tank ships.

    Our team can rely on over 35 years of expertise in marine cleaning chemicals, water treatment, tank cleaners and other marine-related products. We provide these products to a distribution network covering all the major ports on every continent.

    Buy directly from producer, at lower cost

    24/7 permanent stock in ports worldwide

    Automatic oil/water demulsifucation (separation)

    Save important costs by fast separating cleaning chemicals

    Our product use results in a much lower % of waste water

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    A global network

    Star Marine has an extensive network of ports in over 20 countries, including all major European and US ports,  the port of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, the port of Durban in South Africa, the world ports in Asia such as Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Korea, China and also the connecting harbors of Suez and Panama.