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Tank Cleaning

Explore our extensive range of tank cleaning products

Our tank cleaning Products

Tank cleaning is a common procedure performed on ships.  Star Marine offers you innovative, cost effective and powerful tank cleaning products that will help you achieve perfect results in cleaning your tanks to approvable standards.  Our chemicals are in compliance with IMO, REACH and major coating manufacturers.

Alkaline (POT)

Alkaline cleaner for removal of vegetable oils and fatty acid (potassium based)

Alkaline (CAUS)

Alkaline cleaner for removal of vegetable and fish oils (caustic

HD Cleaner

Heavy duty emulsifying mineral oil cleaner. Ideally suitable for the removal of crude oil


Strong emulsifying cleaner for removing for heavy oils

Neutral HCF

Hydrocarbon free cleaning of zinc coated tanks

Starmarine Concentrate

Cleaning concentrate with wide range of applications

Starmarine Special

Powerful non-caustic cleaner for vegetable and fish oils

Air Fresh

Eliminator of unpleasant smells

Pickling Liquid

For austenitic stainless steel

Passivating Liquid

For austenitic stainless steel

Metal Deruster

Rust and stain remover

Tankcleaner Split

A hydrocarbon based cleaning agent for the removal of oil and grease

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Star Marine is a global leader in marine chemicals. We produce and provide cleaning solutions and related products for the merchant marine industry. Our extensive range of products is perfectly suited to clean, maintain and ensure maximum performance of different ship types.

Our team can rely on over 35 years of expertise in marine cleaning chemicals, water treatment, tank cleaning products and other marine-related products. We provide these products to a distribution network covering all the major ports on every continent.

Most Star Marine products carry the IMO (International Maritime Organization) certification, which ensures overseas maritime safety.
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A global network

Star Marine has an extensive network of ports in over 20 countries, including all major European and US ports,  the port of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, the port of Durban in South Africa, the world ports in Asia such as Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Korea, China and also the connecting harbors of Suez and Panama.